Monday, August 25, 2014

Lady Skater dress - take 2

So this is my second make of the Lady Skater dress.

On this make, I made the adjustments that I noted on my trial.
  • Adjust seam allowances to 1" and sewed at .5", eliminating some of the negative ease
  • Shorten back length by 1"
  • Shorten front length by .75"
  • Ease extra front length into the back at bust level
  • Added another 2" to bottom of skirt

The fabric is one that has been in the stash for 3 or more year, probably more.  I have hoarded this print even though the fabric is an poly/spandex and I was scared to cut it.  I looooove it, it reminds me of the Pucci prints, what if I mess it up? Yes, well, it shouldn't be that precious, so with success of the take 1, I cut into the fabric. 

Back-DD says this is my diva pose
However, I didn't calculate the yardage quite right, when I added the extra length on the skirt and the sleeves were a close call.  As it was I needed to piece the left one, because I was determined to have 3/4 sleeves on this dress.

My pieced sleeve

I'm still loving this pattern and I have at least 2  more planned.

Trying to twirl - trying being the operative word here!

Happy Sewing, Suzanne


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, a lot of fun to wear too!

  2. Love that you pieced the sleeve! You must also be a quilter, lol! It,s something I would do, too. :)

  3. Thanks, had to make it work. ;)