Tuesday, August 5, 2014

My first Lady Skater

But not my last! I really like this pattern and it's an easy sew. This one was intended to be just a muslin, but it actually looked pretty good (I thought so anyway) so I went back to cut out the sleeves, skirt, neckband and sleeve bands. Finished it up and am pretty pleased with it.

I did make a few modifications -
  1. I compared to a Kwik Sew t-shirt pattern that fits fairly well in the shoulders and decided to slope the shoulder by about 1/2".
  2. I basted the bodice together, without the sleeves, and decided that approximately 3/4" needed to come off at the waist seam. On this one, I just trimmed off at the waist and will correct on my pattern before I cut my next one.
  3. I was also having a little gaping at the armhole above my bust, so a la Marcy Tilton there is a little dart extending from the armhole. No one can see it on this fabric and if they are that close I will swat them on the nose.  I will also correct that on my pattern.
  4. I did use the elastic to stabilize the waist seam, but may not if I use a heavier knit next time.
  5. I added a total of 4" in length to the skirt.  I'm tall and I like knee coverage.

After looking at the pictures of the back, I wish I had remembered another Marcy Tilton and Sandra Betzina tip - make your side seam allowances 1" to allow for the different hand of fabrics. Will make that change on the pattern too. It feels perfectly comfortable, I just don't like those pulls around my back. I will still wear it, because this material screams fall to me, so a cardigan or a jacket and no one will ever see.

I wore it like this today to "summer" it up and so my daughter could help me get some pictures. She says just a tiny bit of room to eliminate the pulls and otherwise this fits as well as anything I've made lately. Woot! I claim the score.

Up next is another Hot Patterns Blouse Back Tee and some more bras.  The lingerie drawer is depressingly empty.

Trying to do the twist
Sorry for the blurry pictures, evidently we were having a little too much fun.

Happy Sewing, Suzanne