Friday, April 25, 2014

A bag for Easter

I made a bag to go with my Easter dress.  An easy, quick make with a pattern from Sew Sweetness'  Accordion Bag. 

Just a couple Several quick points about this bag -
  1. It's super easy to sew.  I had the thought that it would a great pattern for teaching someone to sew.
  2. I would call it a medium sized bag (although sizing can be subjective). Personally I like my bags a little deeper, so next time I make this I will adjust my pattern.
  3. All fabrics were from my stash and I don't remember where most of them came from.  A good many were just pieces I couldn't seem to let go of.
  4. Instructions for the braided piecing was found at Studio Kat Designs. Also pretty easy to do.
  5. I added some additional pockets inside.  Next time I may add a zipper pocket on the back exterior.
  6. The bag bling came from Emmaline Bags.

with dress and goofy expression

Happy Sewing, Suzanne