Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Convertible Bag

It's the March pattern from the Bag of the Month Club.  The pattern designer blogged about it here. 

Mine is made from a left-over linen blend, pieces of an old skirt that was in the mending pile (I hate mending so it was pretty easy to donate to this cause), and some quilting fabric hiding in the stash. 


I followed the directions and made this pattern as written, mostly.  I did add another interior slip pocket.  But when I make again, and I will, it will be made a little wider and deeper, and leave off the convertible parts of the pattern. 

Overall this is a great pattern, well written and clear pictures.  The zipper pockets were probably the hardest part.  I would rate this as a beginner-to-intermediate pattern.  If you left off the zipper pockets, I would say a beginner could do it with no problems at all. 

It does have the neatest little pleat forming the bottom of the bag.  It's such a great trick and one that I had not seen before.

I also managed to get done some pj's for my son's birthday and get them in the mail in time for him to receive them on his birthday.  Don't look now, I think pigs may be flying with little pink wings! These are pretty straightforward, I just want to record them here so I remember what I did later.  It is a New Look pattern that is long out of print and I don't have the number in front of me, but just basic pj's in the large size.

Happy sewing, Suzanne

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  1. What a great bag! Love your fabric choice as well.