Thursday, January 2, 2014


Remember that line from the song Fame "I'm going to live forever, Baby remember my name."  Yes, well I'm not going to live forever and was thinking about that a little yesterday and today.  Mostly I was thinking about that because I was digging through my stash looking for a specific fabric, after I finally found it, I dug through the pattern stash for the pattern floating through my head.  After hours of looking, and reminding myself what great patterns and fabrics I have, and telling myself I really need to get organized (so badly), what I decided was - I already have more than I need and probably more than I will ever use.  So this years goal - sew more, buy less.

I pretty much already put myself on that program with the fabrics when they just got overwhelming.  I know some people love and are inspired by their large stashes, it just doesn't seem to be working that way for me.  So I am shopping the stash first and only buying fabrics that I need to complete a specific project.

What I realized yesterday, was that the pattern stash is getting overwhelming too! I have so many great patterns that I want to try out.  Like the Meissa Blouse from Papercut Patterns -

Meissa Blouse

Paired with some light colored peach/coral silk, wouldn't that be great??

Or this from Lolita Patterns -

Lolita Patterns | Spearmint Envelope Front

I'm seeing it shortened and in a large brown/cream buffalo plaid.  Turn the side panels on the bias to play with the pattern a little, great yes?

Also I have all 3 books from Alabama Chanin and her craftsy class, every time I look at them I see something new. Something I want to do. Something I must have!

So many more ideas going through my head, so little time.  Why, oh why, do I continue to clutter it up with new patterns/fabric/classes???

So my mantra this year - Sew more, buy less!

There are some other goals knocking around my head, but they all kinda go with the sew more, buy less theme. 

There you go - Happy New Year and Happy Sewing -


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  1. You have some wonderful goals and they are realistic. I look forward to seeing your year unfold.