Monday, January 13, 2014

Bye Bye Love

Or "What's black and white and red all over?"  Song titles and corny jokes, just can't get away from them.  Although in this case, the song title is the name of the bag.  Back in December I joined the Bag of the Month club - a new bag pattern January thru June. Sounds like fun, sign me up! And I did with the intention of sewing the bag the month I receive the pattern.

So far, so good! I would have gotten done a little sooner, but I had An Incident with the local wildlife

Poor little car is now in the shop being appraised and repaired.
The bag, on the other hand, is great! January's bag was from Sew Sweetness and she named it Bye Bye Love.  I'm not quite sure why, because as I remember the lyrics, they go on to say "bye bye happiness, hello loneliness, I think I'm gonna cry". Well, contrary to the lyrics, I am extremely happy with this bag and the only tears I'm shedding are tears of joy.

Pros -
  1. This is a great pattern.  Very well written and clear pictures.  For my first one from this designer, I am extremely pleased.
  2. It's a structured bag, holds it's shape really well.
  3. Inside pockets!
  4. It's huge.
Cons -
  1. It's HUGE! If you are not as Amazonian as I am (I'm 5'10"), this may not be the bag for you.  Although I think it can altered down or shortened without any problems.  I may try that the next time I make it.
  2. Not a major con, but it uses Soft & Stable to give it structure, and she gives you several alternatives, but I was not able to source any of them locally.

I added a solid bottom, by adding a seam.  I also left the handles flat, the faux leather I used did not want to cooperate with the rolled handles. All fabric is from the stash! The only thing purchased for this bag was the 22" zipper for the top.
Overall a great bag, and I will be making again.  Next time I will take a little more time to find a heavier zipper for the main bag.  I'm not sure how long this one will hold up if I used it a lot.  Not a problem because I tend to just leave a bag open once I have it open.
Oh, and the answer to the question "what's black and white and red all over?" - MINE!
Runs away cackling gleefully "mine, mine, mine, all MINE!"
Happy Sewing - Suzanne

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