Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Caution, Dangerous Curves Ahead

I feel like I need a sign similar to this when I wear this outfit.  Not that I'm complaining, I've pretty much decided that I am OK with it. 

The top is a another make from my Lady Skater pattern.  I shortened the skirt pattern so that is would be 9" hemmed and did a slash and spread of about 1/2".  So 2" total, this was a fairly beefy ponte knit and I didn't want too much fabric floating around my hips. Other than that, it sewed up exactly like the other Lady Skaters.

The skirt is a the Christine Jonson Slit Skirt and Pencil Skirt 330 .  This is a new pattern to me and I made the slit skirt version.  I did some measuring (on me) and checked it against the worksheet Christine is kind enough to provide with finished measurements of all her patterns.  The slit skirt is designed with negative ease and I decided that I was not comfortable with that, so I cut out 1 size larger than my measurements suggested, giving me 0 ease at my hips and just slightly negative at my waist.

I think that was perfect with the heavy ponte that I used.  I found this great fabric at Hancock's!  I have to point this out, because it doesn't happen very often.  The pattern was great and the directions very good and streamlined.  I did manage to squeeze the pattern out of 1 yard of fabric instead of the 1.5 yards suggested by the pattern envelope.  I did have to piece the waistband to get the width, but considering my short waist, I may just narrow the waistband next time.  It wants to fold over anyway.  What is also really great, in my opinion, is there is no elastic used in this pattern. It's all based on the negative ease to keep it in place. And it does stay in place, even with my going up a size.

Me and my photographer
I see these two pieces getting a lot of wear.  I have had them finished for a couple of weeks and worn them several times already. Just late getting them documented, oops.

On to Christmas sewing, Happy Sewing, Suzanne

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