Wednesday, February 20, 2013


As in the SWAP has been sidetracked, stalled, and de-railed. Mostly because life and work is really busy right now and I have not been able to sew like I wanted. Also, because the new workout program seems to shifting things around - I lost not 1 single pound, but my measurements, they are a-changin'. Now quite frankly, I'm having trouble hitting a stationary target, not really willing to try hitting a moving one, so I will come back to the plan when things have stabilized somewhat.

So in the meantime, I celebrated Dead Bra Day.  I was several days late, but you celebrate on February 13th by throwing out all your bras and undies that are past their expiration date.  That makes room for the new ones you will receive for Valentine's! My lingerie drawer is not surprisingly bare, so I have set out to make some new (badly needed) sets to restock my drawer.

I have pulled out my bra patterns, remeasured and retraced, in a couple of cases completed a little re-grading, and started cutting. I will be using my Danglez DB5, Sewy Rebecca, MakeBra DL01, and a couple of Russian patterns that can be found here for free. I don't read even one single syllable of Russian, but with and a little previous experience, I managed to muddle through.

I am going to try some new (to me) patterns for the undies - there are several free and cheap patterns out there that look really nice.  MakeBra has one (cheap, I thought and downloadable, so instant gratification), ClothHabit has a free pattern, 'So, Zo also has a free pattern, and of course there is Burda's cheekie panties pattern. There is also my standby Ottobre pattern from 5/2009 issue.

Hopefully sewing and pictures to follow.  Suzanne

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