Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My first TNT

I think.  This years SWAP is based on sewing basic well fitting patterns.  You can find the rules here.  While I love the idea of SWAP, I generally do not participate because the timing coincides with the most busy, read hectic and crazy, time of my work.  Oh well, I entertain myself by reading along and sewing along when I can, but I have not finished but 1 SWAP since I first read about them 6-7 years ago.

That said, I think I have pretty much perfected a T-shirt pattern. I love a good knit top, so I started with that. My first attempt is using Pamela's Perfect T-shirt, size Med. darted front.  And because I love a knit top, but I don't like plain knit tops, I made it with a boat neck and flared sleeves.

The darts were a little high, not unwearable, but high - which you can't see because the fabric is dark.  So I lowered them on the pattern and tried again.  This time I had in mind a dress inspired by a design I had seen in the Built by Wendy book. The big difference is that she was recommending a twill or linen for hers and I used some ponte knits that I had collected.  The dress works pretty well, but I have to watch which bras I wear with it or the bust points still don't line up quite right.

And the back

The next pattern I tried was the Silhouettes #115 Ann's Top, which I liked.  You can hear the BUT coming can't you?

 I liked the french dart, over to the side, really unobtrusive, but I really liked the way the shoulders on Pamela's Perfect T fit better so...  I copied the shoulders, armholes, and sleeves of Pamela's pattern and merged from the bust down to the Silhouettes pattern.  Since I also liked the longer length and curved hemline of Pamela's pattern I used that too.  And so you have -

Note to self - straighten before picture

A nearly perfect knit top. Although I should have straightened it before I took the picture. My camera and I are still not friends.  I have several ideas for more variations, hopefully I will get time to actually sew them, you know, before I forget them.

Happy Sewing, Suzanne

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