Thursday, February 10, 2011

Just keep sewing, sewing, sewing

OK I swiped and mangled Dorie's line from Nemo, but that what I'm telling myself about now.

I'm working on NL6156 for both myself and my daughter. I did do a FBA of .5" and added a back facing and pleat in the lining.

The linings are about as far as I've gotten. The one on the left is DD and on right is mine.
I feel like I'm never going to get these jackets done. Mostly because I got bogged down in a foggy frustration of fit (ha! I like alliteration) which probably wouldn't frustrate me quite as much, except that I recently signed up for and finished a class the Continuing Ed department of the local community college with the purpose of improving my fitting skills - one of my goals for the last several years. The objective of the class was to create a fitting sloper and then use it to alter commercial patterns and building on that to design your own patterns. The last class came and went and did I have a fitting sloper? - No! As my son says That would be a negative. Although the instructor did set up meetings with us to finish the sloper, only problem was that when I arrived for my meeting, she was not there - no phone call, nor has she returned my phone calls since then. So as much as I hate to say this - this was an experiment that totally failed!

I have purchased Kenneth King's The Moulage and Lynda Maynard's DeMystifying Fit and will work through these books. A quick preview shows lots of good information and both got good reviews at Pattern Review.

Thanks Angel for the kind comments on my lingerie sets. The Ottobre panties are really comfortable, but and this a note to self - Boyshorts. Are. Not. Your. Thing. DH also had a really kind compliment, even if (maybe especially because) he didn't realize it. They were laying out on the table after the photo waiting to taken to bedroom and put up, he walks by looks at them and says "Where'd you get those?"

AND because I am a sucker for a corny joke, I leave you with -
A chicken and James Bond meet in a bar. Chicken says "What's your name?" Bond answers "Bond, James Bond. What's your name?" And the answer "Ken, Chick Ken." ;)

Happy Sewing, Suzanne

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