Thursday, January 13, 2011

Happy New Year!!! - belated

I love a new year - it's so full of potential and possibilities. I meant to get this written and posted earlier - but what is about life happening while you're making other plans. Yes, well, here I am late, but I have had time to give this some thought, so --to keep myself from getting sidetracked by all the possibilities

  • I like jackets and cardigans (the selection in my closet is slim to none) and so have decided to participate in the Jacket A Month (JAM) sew-along. FUN!!
  • I love dresses and find my self sadly lacking in this area. Will try to get a least 6 on the agenda for this year.
  • I found at Cato's, on clearance, less than $10 a skirt that has a good fit (not great - I hope to improve that!) and both my kids tell it looks really good on - so I want to copy a pattern and reproduce it in many fabrics.
  • I also want to improve my fitting skills and develop some TNT's for tops, jackets and dresses.

OK think that's it for now. Happy sewing, Suzanne

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