Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Metropolitan Domino Sweat-Shirt

My last completed project in January and it falls in my intention of sewing a "new-to-me" pattern each month.

I loved this pattern when I looked at the line drawing.  I am a huge fan of the slouchy-chic look and this pattern had a lot of appeal for me.  Unfortunately, I don't think I have the body type for it. It's just not my best look.

(And I'm apologizing ahead of time for the poor, poor photos.  We were having to get them indoors.)

So,I had no problems with the pattern itself.  I traced and sewed a straight size 16.  It usually works pretty well for me.  I did change the order of construction a little so I could put in a rolled hem and still have the front facings look neat.

The pattern says "mixed media sweatshirt is designed for medium-weight knits with a little stretch and body, like ponte, sweat-shirting or sweater knits". I used a sweater knit that was given to me, very little stretch, and I have no idea about the fiber content.  I think if I were to sew this again, I might go with a knit that had a little less body and more drape. 

And just for reference, see on the pattern drawing how the bottom of the shirt-tails look they should hit right about at your hip crease?? It may be hard to see on my picture, but they are quite a bit longer on me and I'm 5'10". About 4" taller than the patterns are designed for.  I would need to take about 3" off to be closer to the pattern drawing.

DH thinks this would be more flattering if the bottom of sweat-shirt were lengthened and no contrasting fabric for the shirt-tails, but I doubt I make this again.  Again, just not my best look.  This one will be worn around the house, it is very comfortable, and I won't be ashamed to answer to the door.

So this pattern may be finding a new home soon. 

Happy Sewing, Suzanne


  1. It'a a great shirt, and it looks so comfy. Love the color. From the side, it looks like the actual sweatshirt is a tad short and wide on you. I see possibilities with that pattern. You could leave off the shirt tails, lengthen it and make it a little more snug near the hem. You could also add a band to the hem.

    1. Thank you, and thank you for the idea of the band. That had not crossed my mind. And you're right from the side the front looks a little short, maybe a small FBA??