Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Mamma knows best

I'm on a roll with these song titles! I would say I would stop, but I'd probably be lying.

This new pocketbook was for my DDIL's birthday.  I actually managed to plan and execute the plan in time to get it to her on time! Whoot Whoot! Ask my kids - I'm not real good at the executing in time part. Her birthday was last week so I can post now.

This is a Studio Kat Design (love supporting NC businesses), it's the DittyRoo pattern, 'cause it's got a kangaroo pouch on the front, doncha know?  You can find it here and she has lots of beautiful samples on her website.  This is the second of this pattern I have made and I really enjoy it although I don't recommend it for a beginner. You know, unless it's a determined beginner.

  1. Lots of well marked pattern pieces.
  2. Very good directions and illustrations that are clear.
  3. It's a good size, slightly slouchy, and easily embellished.
  4. Love the straps and have used a variation on other bags that I have made. 

  1. Lots of pieces.  For instance, there are 3 pieces in back of that kangaroo pouch.  I didn't really see the point unless you were running low on your main fabric, so I cut another piece like the back and used that. Also the pattern adds seams in the lining for pockets.  Not necessarily bad, just unnecessary IMO.  I cut 2 lining pieces using the back pattern and applied/topstitched pockets on the solid piece.
  2. The balloon edging is "fiddly".  Like I said the pieces are well-marked and there are lots of match points, but matching the edging to the top of the pattern and then gathering seems like a lot of work.  I tried measuring the top edge and using elastic cut to that length for my gathering, then feeding the piping through that.  I had mixed results - there are just a bunch of layers on the top edges.  I am still studying a better way to do this on the next one.
  3. Also the 2 small loops holding the d-rings to the bag are really "fiddly".  You sew one end in the seam, feed the ring on, and then topstitch the edges of the loop encasing the 2 ends of the edging fabric and piping inside.  Trying to get and keep all those layers lined up and seam lines matched was enough to make me cross-eyed with annoyance.  Studying on a better way to do that also.

(Funny aside - when my husband asked how it was going, I told him it was OK, but some of the process was very fiddly.  He looked at me strangely and asked "Is that a sewing term?" I thought everyone had heard that description of a fussy process, but apparently its just me.)

Overall I really like this pattern and as I said I've made it twice and plan at least one more (the one I made for myself it about worn out and needs replacing) it's just that it seems like there must be an easier way to do some of it.  I made DDIL's out of a faux suede that's been in the stash forever, the balloon edging was left over from some valances I made 3-4 years ago, and the kangaroo pocket and lining is  quilting weight cotton also from the stash.

My DD agreed to help photograph it before it was mailed -

Inside -

And, outside - 

And just for fun, an imitation of DDIL opening and pulling out her present -


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  1. Ahh, the smile says it all. Great success and a great bag!