Thursday, March 24, 2011

Taaa - Daaa

and finally! and good riddance - oops, that was out loud wasn't it. I finally got this jacket done for my DD. It is made from NL6156 and except for a FBA and adding pleat to the back lining, it was made straight from the pattern. I will admit up front that I obsessed over the fit of these two jackets - more on the second one later - and that sucked the fun right out of them. The fringe really makes that jacket stand out - imo - and DD seems pleased with it.

And a more accurate reflection of her feelings when I said "let's take your picture!" -

The other jacket that I made from this pattern was going to be for me, but it is in time out. The fringe that I had planned did not work out and so I'm still debating what to do, because I think it need something. I wish I thought to get a picture to it too, sometimes that helps to look a little more objectively.

Next up was supposed to be more sets of lingere because I am in desperate need. But I am a sucker for a cowl necked top - and the latest issue of SewStylish a instructions and a pattern that you enlarge for a twisted cowl top. AND it's sleeveless, perfect for spring and summer under jackets. So I have enlarged the pattern and cut it out. Hopefully I'll get it done over the weekend.
Happy Sewing, Suzanne

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